28 Jan

Are you looking/researching making money from home opportunities? Are you tired of just finding a lot of scams out there? Have you ever considered becoming a #wellness #coach? If you are serious about helping/teaching people about healthy #nutrition and leading a healthy #active #lifestyle, this could be the opportunity for you. #Herbalife is currently in more than 90 countries around the world, meaning you could if you chose to have  a #worldwide business. One of the key benefits of becoming a #Herbalife distributor, is the training that’s available to you, in all these countries, BUT also the #mentoring that you will receive from the coach that you sign up with. With advancement in technology  the world becomes a very small place as we use #whattsap #facebook #twitter #instagram to build relationships and build our business. In an economic down turn one of the key benefits of this business is,the low start up cost, no employing of staff, no big overhead expenses, you can do it from home on a #part-time basis or make a #full time career out of it, you choose. If you are really serious about looking at this opportunity, connect with me via e-mail and I will answer your questions and if you want, help you get started. I am ready, are you? #WellnessCoachForEveryOne

#6DayHealthy BreakFastChallenge

24 Jan

We all have heard the saying “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” at one point or another when growing up. We might not have understood exactly the reason for it but it seemed that our parents in their “infinite wisdom…annoyingly so” was on to something. Breakfast actually means, you have guessed it “breaking the fast” For the amount if time you have been asleep you have fasted, not drinking or eating anything, while your body have been hard at work, “repairing” itself. When you wake up your body is depleted and is shouting “Give me the stuff, man” Depending on the “stuff” you give it, you will either have lots if energy able to focus OR will you will have lots of cravings, dips in your blood sugar levels, struggle with focus and concentration, struggle with energy, have weight issues and potentially related diseases, high blood pressure, stroke etc. If you are struggling to have a #healthy #breakfast, why not join me on the 6DayHealthyBreakfastChallenge.  I will supply you with a breakfast, including an energizing tea for six days, as well as ideas for meals and snacks, and my FREE coaching, to ensure you get a great result. E-mail me today and let’s get you started towards a healthier you. #WellnessCoachForEveryOne