At Wellness121, the leading Herbalife supplier in Parklands, Table View and Blouberg we believe that Health is your Wealth. Herbalife promotes more than just a healthy way of life it gives you the chance to really change your life. If you want a healthy lifestyle and more contact me today…

Healthy Herbalife Breakfast

At Wellness121, a healthy life begins with a healthy breakfast. The Herbalife Healthy Breakfast is the absolute best way to begin your day. A complete Herbalife Breakfast Kit will see you gain energy and lose weight. There are a few ways to start… 1. Contact Me for a full wellness evaluation. 2. Order a Herbalife Trial Kit or 3. Just order an F1 Herbalife Shake to replace your current breakfast.

Improve you Nutrition

A good healthy breakfast is a great way to start getting yourself in shape, but Herbalife has more than that. As a qualified and experienced Herbalife Wellness Coach I can help you improve your overall nutrition to leave you feeling fitter and stronger than ever before. If you are serious about the Herbalife Weight Loss Program let me help you with a free wellness evaluation or you can  simply browse a wide range of snacks, teas, and Protein to make a change yourself

Fitness with Herbalife 24

Herbalife 24 is the ultimate range for the sportsman or more active person. The range of products here helps you in every aspect of training and almost any sport. A proven range of sports nutrition and hydration products endorsed by some of the biggest names in sport from around the world. Speak to me about the product that suits you best, WhatsApp Me on 072 329 1430  or drop me an email

Herbalife Skin

Herbalife started out with the world famous Formula 1 Herbalife Shakes and today the Herbalife Skin range for outer nutrition completes the full cylce of Herbalife products.  Herbalife Skin is a superb range of amazing products that will leave you positively glowing. To find out more visit our Herbalife Online Store, WhatsApp Me on 072 329 1430  or drop me an email

Own and run your own business

This is the most exciting part of Herbalife. With Herbalife not only can you lose weight, get in shape and make yourself look amazing but you can also start and run your own Herbalife Business. Starting you Herbalife business is easy and it all starts by contacting me today : WhatsApp Me on 072 329 1430  or drop me an email




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